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Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple for marraige blessings!!

Worshipping in Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple blesses one with early and happy married life and solves problems in married life !!

There are two Temples for Nithya Kalyana Perumal near Chennai. One is the Popular Temple in Truvidanthai which is also part of 108 Divya Desams. Other Temple is in Nemam near Tirumazhisai in Western Suburb outside Chennai.

Tiruvidanthai is at a distance of 45 Km from Chennai on the East Coast Road. All buses from Chennai to Mahabalipuram stop at Tiruvidanthai and there is an arch on the right hand side of the Road near the bus stop leading to the Temple. The Google Map Loaction of the same is as follows,

Nithya Kalyana Perumal In Tiruvidanthai

The Perumal here is in Kalyana Kolam and is always decorated as a new Bridegroom. The Black Kanmai/Kajal dot in the Cheek of the idol indicates that the Lord is always in Kalyana Kolam.

Perumal in Kalyana Kolam woth Kanmai/Kajal dot in the Cheek
 Sthala Puranam

The Main deity of Tiruvidanthai is Varaha Swamy. Galava Maharishi had 360 daughters and was worried as to how he would single handedly take care of his daughters and get them married. He was advised by rishis to worship Varaha swamy in Tiruvidanthai. 

After Galava Maharishi worshipped here, Mahavishnu himself took the form of a young handsome man and approached him in order marry his daughter. Galava Maharishi agreed and conducted the marriage ceremony of his daughter with the man. Mahavishnu assumed the form of young man everyday and married all his daughters individually. Since the Marraige ceremony of Mahavishnu with the daughters was held for 360 days, the Perumal is said to be Nithya Kalyana Perumal. 

All the 360 daughters finally merged into Akilavalli who is a form of Mahalakshmi seated on top of Varaha swamy on the left side. 'Tiru' refers to Mahalakshmi, 'Ida' refers to left side and Vendai finally merged as Tiru-Ida-Vendhai. This word colloquially got changed as Tiruvidanthai and refers to mahalakshmi devi seted on the Left Thigh of Varaha Swamy. Adiseshan and his wife are seen below Varaha swamy's feet.

The first of the 360 daughters was known as Komalavalli and is housed as a separate shrine outside the Varaha swamy shrine.

Varaha Swamy 
Komalavalli Thayar
 Tiruvidanthai Temple 
Worshipping the Lord here solves marraige problems and ensures early and happy marriage. The Temple authorities also perform marraige ceremony for the Nithya Kalyana Utsava Murthy on request on weekdays. They also perform Homam on request.

Devotees wishing early marraige offer one Poomalai/Flower garland to god here and wear another poomalai to perform pradakshina around the Temple 9 times. They take the poomalai and keep it at home safely. After marraige they bring the old poomalai and offer a new poomalai to lord and again perform pradakshina around the Temple. As a couple they offer the old malai to the Sthala Vriksham-Punnai Maram at the backside of the Temple.

Another Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple in Nemam near Tirumazhisai 

Nithya Kalyana Veeraraghava Temple is an ancient temple in Nemam which is around 35 Km from Chennai. If one is coming from Chennai after crossing Vellavedu and Sri Krishna Sweets, one has to take left in the Chennai Tiruvallur Main Road near Ambedkar Statue and Nemam Green Board on Left Hand Side of the Road. After crossing the paddy fields, one should take right and go straight. The Temple is situated amidst houses and there is a Great Aqua mineral water plant also near the Temple.

All buses from Chennai to Tiruvallur pass though Vellavedu Bus Stop. One can get down there and take an auto to reach Nemam Temple.

It is an ancient temple reconstructed recently. The Temple is open always and the archaka visits the Temple in the morning only to perform pooja. The Gate is open for visitors who can come and worship Nithya Kalyana Veerraghava Perumal anytime. The ancient stone Temple is on the left hand side of the main temple. details that worshipping in this Temple solves all marraige doshas and is a powerful place of worship in their link below,
This Temple is also managed by Sivakumar who manages the Amrithambika Aavundeswarar Sivan Temple in Nemam. He can be contacted at 98407 70248 to perform any special pooja here. He has done a wonderful job in renovating and maintaining this temple and says that there were 12 Garuda Pakshi which came when the samprokshanam of the Temple was performed a few years back.

Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashram has also donated some money for the daily maintenance of the Temple and the Samprokshanam video of the Temple is in the Link below,

Nithya Kalyana Veeraraghava Perumal
Nithya Kalyana Veeraraghava Perumal Temple
Beautiful rows of Krishna Tulasi and Sree Tulasi are planted on either side of the Prakaram. The Green Shrub is Sree Tulasi and the Dark Violet one is Krishna Tulasi.

Sree Tulasi and Krishna Tulasi
Garudalwar Sannidhi
Garudalwar Sannidhi

Monday, 27 June 2016

Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja Benefits and Temple near Chennai

Performing Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja on Fridays blesses one with Prosperity, Happiness and Childbirth Blessings!!

Rare Temple for Vaibhava Lakshmi, in Sirukalathur, Kundrathur near Chennai!!

Vaibhava Lakshmi is one of the forms of Mahalakshmi devi. ‘Vaibhavam’ in Sanskrit refers to a Utsavam or celebratory event that is held at various stages in life. They can refer to a Birth of a child, naming ceremony of the child, perfoming ayush homam or pooja for the child on the First Year Birthday of the Child, Marriage ceremony, Grihapravesam/entering a newly bought house, Celebrating Deepawali/Diwali, Pongal/Sankranthi, Ganesh Chathurthi, Janmashtami festivals annually as a family.

These Vaibhavams/Events make life happy and memorable. In Santana Dharma/Hinduism, the rituals performed at every stage help one attain spiritual upliftment also. The Rituals at every stage also include Dhana or Charity to others. It can be Annadhana during marriage/ child birthday celebrations, donating new clothes and sweets to family members and poor people during Deepawali/Diwali etc. These festivals bring society and family members closer and happy. 

There is a saying in Tamil  that மக்கள்  சேவையே  மகேசன் சேவை !! Which means that “Service to Humanity is Service to God”. These Festivals help one to serve family members and society and thereby Serve God. This is the key blessing that Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja gives us. It helps us to stay happy in life by celebrating Vaibhavams and also attain spiritual enlightenment.

There is a rare temple for Vaibhava Lakshmi near Chennai in Sirukalathur near Kundrathur at a distance of 35-40 Km from Chennai.  If one is coming from Guindy then taking left in Porur signal and coming straight for around 10 Km will help one reach Kundrathur. On reaching Kundrathur, one has to take the Kodambakkam-Sriperumpudur Road. After crossing Madha Engineering College, the Temple is on the right side on top of a small hill. One can also take an auto after reaching Kundrathur. The Google Map Location of the same is as follows,

Vaibhava Lakshmi

Agasthya Vijayam intially brought out the picture of Vaibhava Mahaganapathy before publishing about this Temple with rare form of Vaibhava Lakshmi.

Agasthya Vijayam in their monthly spiritual magazine in October 2008 have detailed that performing pooja regularly in Vaibhava Lakshmi Temple enables one to receive blessings to have Vaibhavams in Life and the associated happiness and prosperity in life. Their weblink is given below,

Agasthya Vijayam Coverpage 
Ganapathy in the Temple
Ramanathaeswarar Temple
Visalakshi Devi

Lakshmi Devi is in standing posture here and the main deity is Ramanatheswarar and Visalakshi Devi. The Ancient Stone Temple is located on top of a small Hill and is being managed by a family residing near the Temple. There are no official Poojari/Priest for the Temple and we ourselves can perform pooja to Vaibhava Lakshmi and other deities here. During Daytime we can go any time and the family opens the temple for darshan on devotees request. has detailed that worshipping Vaibhava Lakshmi will bless one to have regular Vaibhavams in one’s life and also aid one to have spiritual advancement simultaneously.

Some people have had irrecoverable losses in life like losing their Mother/Father of Both at an early age. They may have resulting Financial or emotional problems or loneliness to deal with.

Some may not have children and hence the usual cheer and happiness in family due to children may be missing. The various Vaibhavams associated with Children like their birth, naming ceremony, birthday celebrations, completion of education and taking care of their parents in old age may be missing. Life may seem empty. 

In order to overcome such empty phases in life and stay happy with Family, the Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja helps immensely. 

One may observe that we also refer to Vaibhavam as Utsavam. The Base word ‘Utsaha’ actually means Happiness and being energetic. In Santana Dharma or Hinduism, Utsavams like Deepawali/Diwali, Krishna Jayanthy, Ganesh Chathurthi are included as Utsavams to energize us emotionally in the family together and also enlighten us spiritually through various poojas/rituals.

Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja

Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja is performed on consecutive Fridays for 6 weeks and Giving Tamboolam to Sumangali women/married women after the pooja is also a way to Worship Vaibhava Lakshmi at home.

The Following weblinks detail the procedure of Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja,