Monday, 29 February 2016

Tiruporur Murugan Temple near OMR, Chennai

Tiruporur is a town located at a distance of 42 Km from Chennai located beyond kelambakkam in Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) . It is called Porur since Lord Muruga is said to have fought with Demon Soorapadman and his army in Akasha/Space above earth here. 'Por' in Tamil means War.

Tiruporur is referred to as "Samarapuri vazh Shanmukhathu arase" in Kanda Shashti Kavasam by Balan Devaraya Swamigal. The Verse praises the Lord Shanmukha in Samarapuri/Tiruporur.

The Raja Gopuram can be seen here and its reflection in the Sarava Poigai Theertham which is a huge tank in front of the Temple.
 Chidambara Swamigal

Chidambara Swamigal was the saint who had rebuilt the Temple in Tiruporur in the 17th Century after it was destroyed by the ravages of time. His Jeeva Samadhi is a separate temple in Tiruporur located on a lane on left side 1 Km before reaching the Main Temple.  There is a Vinayaka Temple on the Banks of the Saravana Poigai Theertham as we approach the temple as seen below.

 As we enter into the temple premises, we worship the Ganesha to our left inside as seen below:

The Dwaja Sthambam/Kodi Maram is located in a circular area surrounded with Vel like Structure as seen below. Worshipping Lord Ganesha first and Viewing the Raja Gopuram/Main Gopuram through this circular area will carry the Blessings that one can have a smooth transition from one job to another and also get a job promotion. One should do Namaskaram near the Kodi maram/Dhwaja Sthambam. The Photos of the same are seen below.

This information is from Agasthya Vijayam Monthly Magazine

Lord Muruga is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathy. Demon Soorapadman got the boon that he would be killed by the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess parvathy. Lord Muruga is said to have fought with Demon Soorapadman in the following three places:

1) War in Water: Tiruchendur is the place where Lord Muruga fought with Demon Soorapadman in water. The castle of Lord Soorapadman is said to be under Ocean Bay of Bengal here. Lord Muruga here is worshipping Lord Shiva with flowers  to atone his sin of having killed enemy's army in the fight with Soorapadman. The kanda shashthi festival here is celebrated grandly commemorating the victory of Lord Muruga over Soorapadman. The Lord taken in procession during kanda shashthi is accordingly called 'Jayanthynathar' or the Lord of Victory. Lord Muruga is said to have removed the veil of Mayai here.

2) War in Land: Tiruparankundram is the place where Lord Muruga fought with the demons in Land. It is located in a small hillock. It is one of the 'Aripadaiveedu' or six mportant abodes of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga is said to have removed the veil of Kanmam here.

3) Water in Akasha/Space: Tiruporur is the space where Lord Muruga fought with the demons in Akasha/space. It is therefore called "Porur" or the place where the war took place. There is beautiful idol of Lord Muruga in Soora Samhara Kolam mounted majestically on his Peacock vahanam in the inner Prakaram/corridor of the Temple. Lord Muruga is said to have removed the veil of Aanavam/Ego here.

Muthukumaraswami Samhara Kolam in Tiruporur
Golden Chariot/Thanga Ther Murugan

Utsava Murthy Murugan

The Moola Murthy in Tiruporur is a Swambu Murthy found under a Palm Tree. So no Abhishekam is performed to the Main Deity. Abhishekam is performed only to the Utsava Deities installed in the Temple.

Chidambara Swamigal has installed a powerful Yantra as seen below.

In this Yantra the Moola Bheejaksharas (Main Syllables) of the Deities of Vinayaka, Subramanya, Valli, Devayanai, Lord Shiva, Uma Devi, Sandikeshwarar, Ashta Dik Balakas, Bhairava  are inscribed. The Yantra reverberates with powerful energy in the Temple. Performing Mantra Japa in front of the Yantra or performing Pradakshina around the Yantra is a Powerful form of Worship that will fulfill our prayers. The Peetam/Base of the Yantra is held by Koorma, Ashtagaja and Ashtanaga and is decorated with white cloth as seen below. The reflection of the Yantra is seen in the mirror fixed above it. One can pay Rs 1000/- and perform Abhisheka to this Yantra also.

Yantra installed by Chidambara Swamigal

Pranavamalai Girivalam

It is to be noted that Pranava or Omkara worshipped Lord Muruga and took the form of small hill near main temple known as Pranava Malai. Lord Shiva resides as Kailashanatha with Balambikai devi on top of the small Hill near the Muruga Temple. Performing Giripradakshina around Pranava Malai on all days is good.  It is around 2-3 Km and takes 30-40 minutes to perform girivalam around the hill.

Getting a good job

Performing Girivalam around Pranava Malai thrice (Morning, Afternoon and Evening) on the 1st day of Tamil Panguni Month (Falling on March 14 2016 this year) Blesses the devotee that one can get a permanent good job.

Performing the Girivalam on Pooram Star in Panguni month( From 1:46 pm on Monday March 21 2016 till 4:19 pm on Tuesday March 22 2016) also blesses one to have a smooth transition from one job to another.

Lord Muruga is said to have given the Pranava Mantra Upadesha to Lord Shiva his own father. He is hence called Sivagurunathan. It is to be noted that even in Swami malai where the Lord actually gave the Pranava mantra upadesha to Lord Shiva, the vigraham denoting the same is not found. This beautiful vigraham is found in Tiruporur.

Lord Muruga in Pranava Mantra Updesa Kolam with Lord Shiva.

Daily Pooja in the temple first starts with the pooja of Vanmeeka Nathar and then the pooja of Lord Muruga is performed. Finally it ends with Bhairava Pooja. Lord Muruga worshipped Lord Shiva under Vanni tree known as Vanmeeka Nathar to atone his sins of having killed Soorapadman and his army. Hence the pooja starts with Vanmeeka Nathar and his consort Punya Karunya Amman. 

Punya Karunya devi vimanam or tower is unique as it has 5 kalasams in different directions.. The Photo below shows 3 kalasams and the balance 2 kalasam are on the other side. It is to be noted that the Kalsams in the Gopuram of any deity is decided according to the Powers of the Deity as per the Agama Shastra.

Vanni Tree is the Sthala Vriksham here. Photos of Vanmeeka Nathar, his consort Punya Karunya amman and Vanni tree is seen below.

Vanmeeka Nathar
 Punya Karunya Amman
Punya karunya Amman Vimanam

Vanni Maram-Sthala Vriksham

Kshetra Palakar or Bhairavar

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thenimalai Murugan Temple

Thenimalai is a Murugan Temple which can be reached through a 45 minute journey on Road near Pudukkotai town in TamilNadu. It is located in Google Maps in the following link,

I got to know about Thenimalai Murugan temple from Agasthiya Vijayam which is a monthly spiritual magazine. The following information is also from the same magazine. The Magazine also has an online webite in following location.

Thenimalai Murugan temple reverberates with Angaraka or Mangalan or Mars Energy. It is to be noted that Lord Muruga is the adipathi or Lord presiding over Angaraka or Mars energy which rules over Tuesday or Mangalvar/Managala varam. The Theertham here is formed over rocks and reverberates with Angaraka/Mars Energy.

It is to be noted that among the Navagrahas, Angaraka who rules over Tuesday is responsible for blessing people for getting a good job and good house. Girivalam or circulambulation around Thenimalai and visiting the Murugan temple on top of the hill will bless people for getting a good job.

Also Theni in Tamil means bees. Bees do a very god job of collecting the honey from various flowers and depositing them in Beehive known as Thenkooodu in Tamil. Honey is known for natural sweetness, medicinal properties and it is used in Pooja for Abhishekam.

Similarly those who go around the hill on Tuesdays in a week or Vasthu day (Vaastu days are 8 in Number in a year and can be identified from Panchangam) and worship Lord Muruga in Thenimalai will get a good job which is good for themselves and Humanity. In this world full of Corruption, Black Money and anti social activities carried out even in Corporates, it is difficult but necessary to get a Good job and not any job which pays well.

Let us pray that everyone in this world is blessed by Thenimalai Murugan and everyone gets a job which creates an impact in Society as sweet as honey.

Following are the Photos of the Thenimalai theertham/pond in Hill and Murugan deity.

Thenimalai Theertham

Valli Devayanai sametha Thenimalai Murugan

Devabhoomi Himalayas

Himalayas is rightly called Devabhoomi in India as it is a spiritual treasure house with the place vibrating with wonderful energy. The Energy reverberates in Nature through the rivers, mountains, waterfalls, temples etc. It is believed that thousands of sages worship in invisible subtle form increasing the spiritual energy in the mountains.

Even today there are Sadhus who meditate without food, water and electricity in snow covered winter months near Badrinath. They live solely through their Yogic powers and staunch belief in God.

Following table highlights the Mangala Shakthi or Auspicious Spiritual Energy dormant in different forms in the Himalayan Region.

Particulars in Badrinath
Panchayathana Murthy
Badri Narayana

Saptha Badri
Badri Vishal
Adi Badri
Bhavishya Badri
Vridha Badri
Yogdhyan Badri
Dhyan Badri
Ardha Badri
Pancha Dhara
Prahladha Dhara
Koorma Dhara
Urvashi Dhara
Bhrigu Dhara
Indra Dhara

Pancha Theertham
Taptha Kund
Narada Kund
Surya Kundam
Prahlada Kundam
Rishi Ganga
Pancha Shila
Narada Shila
Garuda Shila
Narasimha Shila
Varaha Shila
Markandeya Shila