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Agastheswarar Temple in Kulavaipatti near Pudukkotai for Childbirth Blessings

Agastheswarar Temple in Kulavaipatti is at a distance of 18 Km from Pudukkotai on the Pudukkotai Aranthangi Road. The Google Map location of the same is as follows,

It is an ancient Temple which requires renovation and expecting Devotee's efforts for the same.
Temple Entrance 
Temple Mandapam

Agasthya Vijayam, Tamil Monthly Spiritual Magazine details about the significance of this Temple. Their weblink is as follows,
Agasthya Vijayam, Tamil Monthly Spiritual Magazine details that Paalai Maram/Tree is the Sthala Vriksham of this Temple which used be in front of Yogambal devi Sannidhi. Circling the Paalai Maram along with performing Pradakshina to the Temple is said to bless one with good children. Paalai Maram is said to belong to Paal Vriksham category and blesses one to have children.

Unfortunately the Paalai maram has been chopped off here and only Yogambal sannidhi remains here. But one can pray to Yogambal here for good children.

"Devendrani Namasthubyam Devendra Priya Bhamini,
Vivaha Bhagyam Arogyam Putra Labham cha Dehime !
Pathim Dehi Sutham Dehi Sowbhagyam Dehi Me Subhe !
Sowmangalyam Subham Gnanam Dehi me Siva sundari !
Katyayani Mahamaye Mayoginyadeeswari,
Nandagopa sutham devi, Pathim me kuruthe Namaha!!"

The above sloka praising consort of Shiva can be recited for overall well being and protection of everyone. In order to have early happy married life, good children, good health and wealth in life one can recite this sloka daily.

Yogambal Sannidhi Vimanam

Agastheswara Shiva Lingam is generally found in places where Agasthya Maharishi performs pooja to Shiva Lingam. It is found all over India in many places as Agasthya Maharishi was a pious rishi and is considered Best among Maharishis.

Agastheswarar Sannidhi
Agastheswarar Vimanam has detailed a Powerful Sloka relating to the first appearance of Agasthya Maharishi which blesses one with good children and immense other benefits. weblink below details other benefits of reciting this sloka,

This Sloka was recited by Lord Shiva Himself when Agasthya Maharishi appeared from his Heart. The Sloka in Tamil is as follows,

அகத்தினுள் இருந்து அழகாய் ஆர்பாவித்து
எழுந்து நின்ற எண்ணிலா ஈசருக்கும் பட்டம் சூட்டி
எண்ணத்தில் கலந்து எண்ணத்தை சுத்தமாக்கி
அத்தனை சுத்தமும் அற்புதமாய் தேர்ந்தெடுத்த
என் மகனே அகத்தியா வா !!!

The English Lrics of the same is as follows,

Agathinul irundhu Azhagaai Arbhavithu
Ezhundhu Nindra Ennilaa Eesarukum Pattam Sooti
Ennathil Kalandhu Ennathai Suththamaakki
Aththanai Sutthamum Arputhamaai Therndheduttha
En Magane Agathiyaa Vaa!!

Other Sannidhi in the Temple are as follows,


Tiruvalangadu Temple near Kumbakonam for Childbirth Blessings

Tiruvalangadu Temple is located at a distance of 21 Km from Kumbakonam on the Kumbakonam Mayiladuthurai Road and can be reached by regular buses from Kumbakonam to this place. The Google Map location of the same is as follows,

Tiruvalangadu Temple

There is Putra Kameshvarar Theertham in the Temple as seen below,

Sthala Puranam
Once Baratha Maharishi performed Penance here for a child and Parvathy devi herself agreed to take birth as his child.

Baratha Maharishi brought up Parvathy devi as his child and then married her to Lord Shiva in Tirumanchery sacred place which is near this village.

Hence this Putra Kameswara Theertham here blesses childless couples to have children. Moola Shiva Lingam is known as Vadaranyeswarar and Parvathy is known as Vandaar Kuzhali in the Temple.

Moolavar Vimanam
  Vandaar Kuzhali
Irattai Ganapathy
Unique Siva Lingam for 4 Vedas
Unique Sannidhi For Cauvery Devi

Surya, Saneswara and Bhairava
Adikara Nandhi, Yama, Chitra Gupta
Mooram Kulothungan King Who Built thsi Temple
Other Sannidhi in temple

Ranganathar Temple, Sothamangalam near Kumbakonam for Childbirth

Ranganathar Temple in Nindra kolam or Standing form is located in Sothamangalam. After reaching Papanasam from Kumbakonam, one has to travel in Papanasam-Saliamangalam Road and then take left on the road. After taking left, if one travels around 5 Km one can reach Sothamangalam. The Google Map Location of the same is as follows,,79.2438948,12.92z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x430d64471f4c5edc!8m2!3d10.8937964!4d79.2859027

Sothamangalam Ranganathar Temple

Ranganathar usually who usually is in Sayana Kolam or Reclining Posture is in Nindra Kolam or Standing Posture in this Temple. details that Ranganathar wears Arumbu Malai in this Temple and blesses childless couples with children as per their weblink below,

Ranganathar Nindra Kolam

This Temple is more than 1000 years old based on Stone Inscriptions found in the Temple and was built by Raja Raja Cholan who is known for constructing beautiful Shiva Temples like the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur.

It is said that Raja Raja Cholan Prayed in this Temple and was blessed with Rajendra Cholan as his child. 

The Place is known as Sothamangalam or Annadanapuram as lot of Annadanam or donation of Food was carried out in this Temple in the past.

The Following Sloka of Ranganatha was found in the Stone inscription and details that Ranganatha blesses childless couple to have children.
Temple Entrance
Garuda Vahanam For Utsava Murthy
Temple Poster about Samprokshanam in 2015
Temple Well

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Garbarakshambigai in Tirukarukavur for Childbirth Blessings

Garbarakshambigai or Karu-kakkumnayagi Temple in Tirukarukavur is located at a distance of 22 Km from Kumbakonam. One has to travel to Papanasam from Kumbakonam and travel 6 Km in Papanasam Saliamangalam road to reach Tirukarukavur. The Google Map Location of the same is as follows,,79.2552389,12z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0xf650bc8f6771c33c!2sThirukarugavur+Temple!8m2!3d10.8690618!4d79.2767635!3m4!1s0x0:0xf650bc8f6771c33c!8m2!3d10.8690618!4d79.2767635

Colourful Temple Raja Gopuram
 Garbarakambigai or Karu Kaakum nayagi

Garbarakshambigai is the Goddess who gives protection to the Foetus in womb. details that Karuvalarchery Temple nearby gives the blessing of Growth of Foetus and Karukakkumnayagi gives the blessing of Protection of developed Foetus. Their web link is as follows,

My earlier post on Karuvalarchery details the significance of the Temple,

Specifically women who have had miscarriages, abortions, PCOD, painful/irregular mensuration problems can pray to Garbarakshambigai, get their problems relieved and ensure safe delivery of child. Both men and women can get fertility issues sorted out through prayers in this Temple.

Agasthya Vijayam, Tamil Monthly Spiritual Magazine details that three devis namely Godhayi Kulkarani devi, Kulaavi malakarani devi and Bandhubakshana karani devi protect women during their mensural period. These Dwara Shakthi devi mentioned above pray to Garbarakshambika so that the women are blessed with children. It is to be noted that regular normal mensural period cycles is one the primary per-requisites associated with fertility in women.

The Sthala Puranam of Temple details as to how Garbarakambigai prevented miscarriages and ensured safe delivery of child. 

Once this place was a forest filled with Mullai Flower creeepers. Niduruvar and Vedhikai were childless couple who came to this place and prayed to Gautama and Gargeya Maharishi here.
They were advised to pray to Garbarakambigai and they did so
Nithuruvar went outside to take part in Yagna and Vedhikai was left alone in the house as a pregnant woman. She was unconscious due to her pregnancy when Urdhuvapathar Maharishi came and asked for Biksha/Alms. Since she was unconscious, she could not respond to the Maharishi's call. Urdhuvapadhar Maharishi cursed her unknowingly. 
Due to the curse, the foetus of Vedhikai disintegrated and Vedhikai prayed to Goddess. Garbarakshambigai appeared before her, protected the foetus and preserved it in a kalasam until it developed into a male child. The Male Child was presented to the couple and he was named Naidhuruvan.
Kamadhenu the celestial cow who grants wishes of devotees was asked to create a pond here known as Paal kulam or Milk Pond to feed the child Naiduruvan.
Paal Kulam Today
The immensely grateful Vedhikai prayed to Goddess that she should stay in this place and bless couples so that they are blessed with children and also ensure safe delivery of child. The Couple along with their child Naidhuruvan are seen praying to God below. Mullaivananathar and Garbarakshambigai accepted their prayers. They stay here blessing childless couples to have childbirth blessings.

Mullaivana Nathar
Since this place was filled with Mullai plants, Shiva  here is known as Mullai-vana-nathar. The Shiva Linga is Swayambu and made of Putru Man. Hence no abhishekam is performed to Shiva Linga and Punugu or Musk is smeared in the Shiva Lingam. 

Prayer for Childbirth
Couples praying for children come together and purchase tickets for smearing Cow Ghee in the Vasar Padi or Stone in front of Garbarakambigai. Then Women put a kolam with Rice Flour in Vasar Padi. This Prayer is known as Padi Mezhuguthal in front of Ambal Sannidhi. 
Some Ghee is given as prasadam here and couple are to mix it with 1 Kg ghee at home and take it daily in the night.The couple have to recite the mantra below for blessings everyday.

"Devendrani Namasthubyam Devendra Priya Bhamini,
Vivaha Bhagyam Arogyam Putra Labham cha Dehime !
Pathim Dehi Sutham Dehi Sowbhagyam Dehi Me Subhe !
Sowmangalyam Subham Gnanam Dehi me Garbarakshambike !
Katyayani Mahamaye Mayoginyadeeswari,
Nandagopa sutham devi, Pathim me kuruthe Namaha!!"
Pooja for Safe Delivery
Vilakkennai or Castor Oil blessed at the feet of Garbarakambigai is is given as prasadam to pregnant women who smear it in their stomach for safe delivery. The following sloka is also recited for safe delivery,

"He Shankara! Smarahara, Pramathinatha Mannatha Samba Sasichooda
Hara Trisoolin Sambo Sukha Prasava Krith 
Bava Me Dayalo 
He Madhavi Vanesa Paalaya Maam Namasthe!"

"Himavath Yuttare Paarsve 
Suratha Nama Yakshini
Thasyaa Smarana Maatrena 
Visalya Garbini Bhaveth"
Once couple's prayers are answered, they bring their child here and cradle the child in Thotil which is taken around the Temple as seen below.
Also Thula Baram or Offerings in proportion to the child's weight is offered to Goddess here.
Gosalai in the Temple