Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Peraiyur Naganathar : Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja

Peraiyur Naganathar Worship blesses one with early marriage, blesses childless couples with good children and is Naga Dosha parihara pooja.

Peraiyur Naganathar Temple is at a distance of 10-15 Km from Pudukkotai can be reached within a half an hour journey from Pudukkotai. The Google Map Location of the same is as follows,

Nagarajan is said to have worshipped Lord Naganatha Swamy here. There is a Punya Pushkarini before the Naganathar Sannidhi where Mridanga Nadham or Tabla sound is heard every year in Panguni Month Meena Lagna period. This happens when the water level recedes so that a Trisulam is viewable in the Pushkarini. The Mridanga sound is said to arise when Nagarajan performs pooja to Lord Shiva during that period.Till date the sound of Mridangam is heard in Panguni Meena Lagnam. 

'Perai Nadham' refers to the sound of Mridangam and 'oor' in Tamil refers to place. This Village is called Peraiyur owing to this sound of Mridanga Nadham.

Punya Pushkarini water is used to perform Abhishekam to Naganatha Swamy and lot of Sarpa Vigraham/Idol is installed here by devotees for Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam. Nagarajan is said to have got the Darshan of Shiva and Parvathy in Rishaba Vahana here and the sannidhi is seen behing Punya Pushkarini in memory of the incident.
Punya Pushkarini in Peraiyur
 Nagarajan blessed by Shiva and Parvathy in Rishaba Vahana
 Theertham outside Main Temple with Lotuses
 Vimanam with Kodi Maram/ Dwaja Sthambam
Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam

Archana and Sarpa Vigraha Prathista is done here for Rahu, Ketu Dosha Nivaranam. The Entire Temple has lot of Naga Prathishta and one can see snake idols everywhere. Milk Abhishekam performed to Naganatha Swamy turns Blue here which signifies the poison associated with Snakes. Hence performing pooja here blesses one with Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam.

Sarpa Dosha Nivarthi is said to bless one with early marriage and blesses childless couples with good children.

Sarpa Vigraha Prathistha
Sculpture Formation Naga Moorty
 Unique Nataraja Made of Stone
 Brihadambal: Consort of Naganathar
Durga Devi