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Aadi Pooram Utsavam!!

Aadi Pooram day worship with Bangles blesses girls with early happy married life, Solves Problems in Married life, Blesses married women to conceive and ensures safe delivery of Pregnant Women. It brings in Mangala Shakthi or auspicious energy in the house ensuring Peace everywhere!!

Aadi pooram this year is on Friday August 5 2016. It is the day when Pooram Nakshatra falls in Tamil Aadi Month. 

Aadi Pooram is the day when Andal who was a Human avataram of Bhoo Devi was found in Tulasi Vanam of Srivilliputhur Town near Madurai.

Aadi Pooram Amman is a unique form of Devi found in Shiva Temples also. Aadi Pooram is the day when all devi forms are adorned with Bangles.

Aadi pooram is the day when Goddess appeared as Niraivalayambika or the Devi who is adorned with many bangles.
Bangles known as Valayal in Tamil and Kankan/chudi in Hindi. Accordingly Lord Shiva who is known as Valeeswarar in this Temple was actually known as Kankana Nathar in previous Yugas according to Agasthya Vijayam, Tamil Spiritual Magazine.

According to Agasthya Vijayam, Bangles represent the Mangala Shakthi associated with women. Mangala Shakthi means auspicious energy associated with women as per Hindu Philosophy. This auspicious energy is said to maintain peace in the family.

Valeeswarar/Kankana Nathar

Niraivalayambika is a small Temple located in Tiruparkadal village. It can be reached by taking left near Kaveripakkam on Bangalore Highway after Kanchipuram. It is at a distance of 80-90 Km from Chennai. The Google map location of Tiruparkadal village is as follows. One can see the Valeeswarar Koil street in the map corresponding to the location of the Temple.

Niraivalayambika sametha Valeeswarar Temple
 Niraivalayambika Sannidhi
Adorning Niraivalayambika with 1008 Bangles

Agasthiar.org through their Agnisiksha website detail that adorning Niraivalayambika with 1008 bangles on Aadi Pooram day blesses girls to have a happy married life and pregnant women to have a safe delivery. It is said to have powers to even bring an understanding between Husband and wife so that it can even prevent separated couples to rejoin and avoid divorce like situation. It is said to be a powerful worship to bless the entire society.

Aadi pooram day worship with Bangles blesses married women to have children.

Prayer for Safe Delivery of Pregnant Women

Valaikappu or seemantham ritual (Baby Shower in English) is performed to pregnant women in order to have a safe delivery of the Child. Pregnant women wear many bangles and new clothes during the ritual. Many married women are invited to bless the pregnant lady. The sound of glass bangles is said to be good for the baby inside as per the ritual. Agasthya Vijayam details that giving the bangles adorned by Niraivalayambika to pregnant women is a great blessing to ensure their safe delivery.

I was blessed to adorn the Niraivalayambika Temple with garlands made of joining bangles together as seen in the photo below on an Aadi pooram day earlier,

1008 Bangle decoration in Temple

Andal Avataram in Aadi Pooram

Andal an Avatara of Bhooma Devi was found among Tulasi Plants in Srivilliputhur town near Madurai on Aadi pooram day. Vishnu Chittar or Periyazhwar an amsa of Garuda took the child and brought her up as his own Child.

Andal found near Tulasi Plant
 Andal in Srivilliputhur 

Andal from Childhood was devoted to Lord Vishnu and always though of herself as the Bride of Ranganathar. She sang Nachiyar Tirumozhi and Tirupavai praising Lord Vishnu. In Varanam Ayiram Pasuram she dreams of getting married to Lord Vishnu. All the marriage rituals are described in the pasuram.

Andal herself says in the last verse that those who recite Varanam Ayiram will be blessed with Happy Married life and Good Children. Childless couple can pray to Andal through Varanam Ayiram Pasuram daily for good results. The Tamil verses are in the link below,


Next day after Andal sang Varanam Ayiram based on her dream, Ranganathar or Vishnu himself came from Vaikuntam and married her in Srivilliputhur in Bhoo Loka/Earth.

Andal Ranga mannar

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