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Vayu Lingam worship solution to Breathing problems

Vayu Lingam is one of the Ashta Lingams found in Tiruannamalai girivalam path or the path around the annamalai hill in Tamilnadu.

Vayu deva is one of the Ashta Dik Balakas or the 8 important devas incharge of 8 directions. Vayu deva is in charge of north western direction.

Vayu Deva has performed penance and girivalam in annamalai. Vayu Deva has merged into this vayu lingam and is blessing devotees in sookshma form from this lingam till date. 

Vayu lingam worship relieves one from breathing problems in all stages wheezing, TB and heart problems also. 
Vayu Lingam
Vayu Lingam Temple in girivalam path

The Google map location of Vayu Lingam is as follows, in their weblink below details that vayu lingam worship here relieves from breathing problems. Also darshan of arunachala from Vayu Lingam is known as kanda neeru darshanam. Darshan of arunachala hill from here gives relief to physical problems arising out of vayu. They can be breathing problems or even heart problems. is based on the teachings of Sathguru Venkataraman. Sathguru Venkataraman's samadhi is also in the girivalam path after vayu lingam in agasthiar ashram. Vayu deva along with wife Sookshmai are sculpted around the samadhi shrine as seen in photo below,

Agasthya Vijayam further details that Sukhaprana kalpana vayu bhagawan performed penance here through girivalam or going aroung arunachala hill for thousands of years. After years of penance vayu deva could feel the "pancha krithika vayu" here. Arunachala gave darshan to vayu deva as "Vamseedharana Pooprastha lingam"here which is currently known as vayu lingam.

Worship of Vayu Lingam relieves one from breathing problems and serves as pariharam for smokers who pollute the atmosphere. It is also a pariharam people who scold others with harsh words which inturn get released as negative vibrations into the atmosphere.

Worship of Vayu Lingam to solve problems

All days are ideal for worship of vayu lingam. But worship on Budhavaram or wednesday budha horai is ideal. Budha horai is (6-7) am, (1-2) pm and (8-9) pm on wednesday where the power of Budha is more influential. Method of worship advised by Agasthya Vijayam is that one should perform abhishekam to vayu lingam with sacred river waters. One should adorn the vayu lingam with green cloth and also donate green coloured clothes here to poor people. One should donate food with green leafy vegetables here.

The detailed explanation from Agasthya Vijayam is as seen in images below,

Vayu is not just associated with breathing of oxygen in human body. Apana vayu is associated with urination, excretion, reproductive activity in both men and women. Dhananjaya vayu is associated with heart functioning. There are 10 vayu forms as listed below performing various functions like digestion of food, opening/closing of eyelashes, burping, sneezing also.

1) Prana
2) Apana
3) Vyana
4) Udana
5) Samana
6) Naga
7) Kurma
8) Devadatta 
9) Krikala
10) Dhananjaya

So worshipping vayu lingam here corrects imbalances in all vayu forms and functions in our human body. The weblink below further details the 10 types of vayu or dasavayu.

Various references of Vayu deva in Puranas is discussed in detail in the following weblink,


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