Saturday, 7 April 2018

Sakkotai Uyyavandha ambal Temple near karaikudi

Sakkotai Uyyavandha ambal is a powerful shakthi temple of the Divine mother. It is located in Sakkotai village near Karaikudi town in Tamil Nadu. The temple's google map location is as follows, details that Uyyavandha Amman immediately listens to the call of devotees and comes to their rescue. Sakkotai is the place where saaktha upasana or shakthi worship took place in a large scale manner in ancient times. Hence the name of the town is Sakkotai as detailed in the monthly spiritual magazine Sri Agasthya Vijayam

Sakkotai Uyyavandha Ambal

Uyyavandha Amman Temple

Uyyavandha Amman Gopuram

Tree on the banks of temple theertham

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