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Pancharamam-Shiva Temples Andhra Pradesh

Pancharama Temples are in the located on the Eastern part of Andhra Pradesh State in India as seen in the Map below. They are Amararama, Ksheerarama, Kumararama, Draksharama and Somaramam temples as seen in the Map below,
The Photo below shows the Pancharama Shiva Linga in five different temples,

Venkateswara Channel has also telecast videos detailing the Sthala Purana of Pancharama Kshetram. Summary of All Pancharama Kshetram is in the following link

Individual videos are as follows:
Pancharamam Temples
Video Link

Lord Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva fought with Tarakasura and destroyed the demon. The Demon Tarakasura had troubled the Devas or Celestial beings who are responsible for smooth functioning of the Universe as per the wish of the Supreme Lord. 

Tarakasura had prayed to Lord Shiva and had a powerful Shiva Lingam as a protective armor in his Chest. Before Skanda could kill Tarakasura, he had to first Break the Shiva Linga in Tarakasura’s neck into Five Pieces. In order to prevent the Shiva Lingam to reintegrate back into its original form, the Shiva Lingam had to be installed in the Five Places. The Five Shiva Temples are known as Pancharama Shiva Temples.

Each Temple represents Five Faces of Lord Shiva as follows:

Amararama: Agohra Mukha  Swarupam/ Face of Lord Shiva
Daksharamam: Thatpurusha Mukha Swarupam/Face of Lord Shiva
Kumararamam: Vamadeva Mukha Swarupam/Face of Lord Shiva
Somaramam : Sadyojatha Mukha Swaroopam/Face of Lord Shiva
Ksheeraramam: Esanya Mukha Swarupam/Face of Lord Shiva

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