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Tiruerumbur Shiva Temple Near Trichy

Tiruerumbur is located at a distance of 10 Km from Trichy on the Trichy Thanjavur Highway. It is well connected by regular bus services from Trichy. The Shiva Temple is located on top of a small hill which is located near Cauvery river. The temple view and the Beautiful Cauvery river beyond Tiruerumbur is seen in photos below.

Cauvery River and Theertham/Temple Pond View from Hill
View of Temple on a Hill 

Sthala Puranam
Lord Shiva is in the form of a Putru or an ant hill in Tiruerumbur. Earlier the Devas were tormented by Tarakasura, Lord Brahma advised them to visit Tiruerumbur and worship Lord Shiva. Devas took the form of ants and tried worshipping Shiva Lingam here. But they fell down from the Shiva Lingam as the surface of the same was slippery. Lord Shiva took pity on them and changed the Shiva Lingam Structure to that of an Putru/ant hill. Devas were blessed that Tarakasura would be slayed and they would be relieved from the Asura's torments.

Since he was worshipped by Erumbu/Ants, he is known as Erumbeswarar. They do not perform abhishekam here and Tailakappu/Annoiting the Shiva Linga with Oil is performed here.

Erumbeswarar Painting
Sthala Puranam Painting
 Erumbeswarar Sannidhi Entrance
 Erumbeeswarar Shiva Lingam
 Erumbeeswarar Vimanam

Lord Muruga along with Consorts Valli and Devayanai is located behind Erumbeswarar in the Prakaram. He is uniquely located between two Kasi Viswanathar Sannidhi on both Left and Right Side.

Parvathy Devi is known as Narunkuzhal Nayaki or the Devi with Fragrant Tresses/Hair.

Narunkuzhal Nayaki Vimanam 

Technology and Computer Related Blessings in Tiruerumbur

Agasthiar.org details that Tiruerumbur Temple worship carries the blessings of possibility of Computer Advancements as per their website below:

A small ant has a tiny brain yet it is able to process and act according to its intelligence. This activity is similar to the processing of a micro processor chip in a computer. A Micro Processor/Pendrive is very small, yet it is able to store/process huge volumes of information.

Since Lord Shiva is worshipped by Devas in the form of ants here, Erumbeswarar Temple worship also carries the blessings of possibility of Technological Advancements. As detailed in Agasthiar.org link, Anuradha Kramana Ganapathy and Anuradha Kramana Saraswathy are the deities associated with Computers.  The mantra japa of Anuradha Kramana Saraswathy in Tiruerumbur is very powerful as detailed in the Method of Worship is  below,

Anuradha Kramana Saraswathy form below as revealed by Sri la Sri Venkatarama Swamigal is sculpted in his Jeeva Samadhi in Tiruannamalai as seen below.

Anuradha Kramana Saraswathy

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