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Kathayi Amman, Veeriyankottai near Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu

Kathayi Amman Temple in Veeriyankottai is located at a distance of 10-15 Km from Pattukkottai and can be reached through Pudukkotai-Alangudi-Peravurani road also. Veeriyankottai village is located amidst lush Greenery and Coconut groves. The Google Map location of the same is as follows,

Kathayi Amman Temple 

Agasthya Vijayam details that the Temple is located in Krishna Kanthi Theerthamor Brahma Desa Lake/Eri karai.

The Kathayi Amman Temple has been detailed in Tamil Monthly Spiritual Magazine, Agasthya Vijayam and their online website is as follows,

Sthala Puranam from Agasthya Vijayam
Kathayi Amman is the local name for Katyayani Devi who is one of the nine forms of Durga Devi. In one Kalpa Kala/period, Pournamasi devi, the Chief Guide of Gopikas of Brindavan has prayed to Katyayani/Kathayi devi here for blessings.

One may note that during Margazhi/Margasheersha month, Radha Devi along Gopikas of Brindavan  woke up early in the Morning, took bath in Yamuna river and worshipped 'Katyayani' devi in order to marry Krishna as their Husband. The Sloka below was the Gopikas prayer to Katyayani Devi,

"Katyayani Mahamaye Mayoginyadeeswari,
Nandagopa sutham devi, Pathim me kuruthe Namaha!!"

The Full Sloka is as follows,

"Devendrani Namasthubyam Devendra Priya Bhamini,
Vivaha Bhagyam Arogyam Putra Labham cha Dehime !
Pathim Dehi Sutham Dehi Sowbhagyam Dehi Me Subhe !
Sowmangalyam Subham Gnanam Dehi me Siva sundari !
Katyayani Mahamaye Mayoginyadeeswari,
Nandagopa sutham devi, Pathim me kuruthe Namaha!!"

The above sloka can be recited for overall well being and protection of everyone. In order to have early happy married life, good children, good health and wealth in life one can recite this sloka daily

One May observe that Andal/Godha devi in South Tamil Nadu in Srivilliputhur also observed Katyayani/Pavai Nombu/Vratham during Margasirsha Month in early Morning period.

Agasthya Vijayam states that Papppathi Amman here actually is a form of Radha Devi who worshipped Katyayani devi known as Kathayi Amman here.

Kathayi Amman/Katyayani Devi
Pappathi Amman/Radha Devi
Pappathi Amman is seen with a child in her hand. Performing Sevvalani or Orange Tender Coconut Abhishekam here to Pappathi Amman blesses one to have good children.

People with fertility issues can pray to Pappathi Amman and Kathayi amman here or pray to Radha devi and Katyayani devi in general with the sloka above everyday in order to sort out issues and have good children.

Veeriyankottai Temple Pooja and Fertility

The word 'Veeryam' in Tamil is associated with Fertility and Agasthya Vijayam Tamil Monthly spiritual magazine details that pooja performed in Veeriyankotai solves Fertlity issues in both Men and Women and blesses them to have good Children.

Agasthya Vijayam states that Veerasena munivar, Ugraveerya maharishi and Veerasravaat Maharishi are great saints who worship in Veeriyankottai daily in subtle form or invisible form.

Agasthya Vijayam states that there are many herbs in Veeriyankottai that solve fertility issues. When it comes to herbs even the breeze coming from a herbal garden is refreshing and the water from a place filled with herbal plants has many curing properties.

Andal in her Varanam Ayiram pasuram states that those who recite the pasuram daily will be blessed with good children,


Other Deities in the Temple are as follows

Kali Devi
 Naga Kanni

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