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Katyayani Kalyana Sundareswara Temple, Tiruveezhimizhalai near Kumbakonam

Katyayani sametha Kalyana Sundareswarar Temple is located in Tiruveezhimizhalai which is at a distance of 26 Km from Kumbakonam and 10 Km from Poonthotham. From Kumbakonam one has to reach Nachiyar Koil and take the Nachiyar Koil Poonthotham Road to reach Tiruveezhimizhalai. The Google Map Location of the same is below,

Katyayani Devi Worship blesses one with early Happy Married Life and Good Children. It is to be noted that Radha devi in Brindavan and Andal in Srivilliputur worshipped Katyayani devi in Margazhi/Margaseersha month. 

The Following sloka is to be recited for blessings and it is inscribed in stone here,

"Devendrani Namasthubyam Devendra Priya Bhamini,
Vivaha Bhagyam Arogyam Putra Labham cha Dehime !
Pathim Dehi Sutham Dehi Sowbhagyam Dehi Me Subhe !
Sowmangalyam Subham Gnanam Dehi me Siva sundari !
Katyayani Mahamaye Mayoginyadeeswari,
Nandagopa sutham devi, Pathim me kuruthe Namaha!!"

Katyayani Sametha Kalyana Sundareswarar
Agasthiar.org details the importance of Tiruveezhimizhalai Temple in their weblink below in English,

The Temple Significance is also explained in Tamil in their weblink below,

Mahavishnu has worshiped Shiva here in order to obtain Sudarshana Chakra. He offered 999 Lotuses to Lord Shiva but could not find one remaining lotus to be offered to him. So Mahavishnu plucked one of his Eyes and offered to Lord Shiva here. Lord Shiva was pleased with his penance and gave him Sudarshana Chakra. The mark of Vishnu's eyes are seen in Kalyana Sundaeswarar's Feet here. Hence offerring Lotus flowers here is auspicious as per Agasthiar.org.

The Vimana here is said to have been brought from Devaloka by Mahavishnu himself.

Devaloka Vimanam unique Shape
 Vimanam and Raja Gopuram

Katyayani Devi Kalyanam/Wedding
Parvathi was born as Katyayani devi to Katyayana Maharishi in Tiruveezhimizhalai. Katyayani devi performed penance to marry Lord Shiva. The Kalyana Mandapam where the divine wedding of Katyayani devi with Kalyana Sundareswarar took place is seen with 21 Kalasams and 100 pillars here known as Nootru Kaal Mandapam. The Kalyana Utsavam is conducted every year in Tamil Chitirai Month Magha Nakshatram day. Kalyana Sundareswarar is known as Mappilai Swamy here as 'Mappilai' in Tamil means Bridegroom. Agasthiar.org says that the mere darshan of this mandapam blesses one with happy marries life.

Maha Kalyana Mandapam with 100 pillars
Maha Kalyana Mandapam Vimanam with 21 Kalasam: Side View

The Pandakaal/Pillar which was present in the celestial wedding of Katyayani devi with Kalyana Sundareswarar is present in the Temple. Worshipping the Pillar here blesses one here.

Devaloka Pandakaal
Golden Shade Muhurthakaal in Garba Griham
There is a Dwara Vinayakar before Veezhinathar Sannidhi as seen below,
The Veezhinatha swamy Sannidhi here is seen in First Floor level and the Nandhi Devi is seen below the Mandapam. Nandhi is known as Paadala Nandhi here. There is also a Moolanatha Swamy Sannidhi near the Kodi Maram.
Padaala Nandhi
Kodi Maram with Tirumoolanathar
Tiruveezhimizhalai Name Meaning
This Temple was once filled with Sandanam/Sandalwood,  Senbagam, Palaa/Jackfruit and Vilaa Maram/Trees. These Trees were known as Veezhi Trees. 

Mizhalai Kurumbar was a hunter who regularly offered Vilaa Fruit even when he was poor. The Vilaa Fruit offered by Mizhalai Kurumbar is seen till date in the feet of Kalyana Sundareswarar.

Based on above incidents, Tiru+Veezhi+Mizhalai came to be known as Tiruveezhimizhalai. Hence offerring Vilaa Palam here is auspicious as per Agasthiar.org.

The Sthala Vriksham here is Palaa Maram as seen below,
Bana Lingam near Palaa Maram
Outer Prakaram
Veezhinathar Temple Entrance

Devi Temple
There is a separate Temple for Parvathi devi as Sundarakuchambika or Azhagiya Mulai Amman in Tamil.

Sundarakuchambika Sannidhi
Devi temple Entrance
Some of the other Deities in the Temple are as seen below,
Kalasamhara Moorty
Vinayakar Sannidhi
Murugan Sannidhi
  Jyeshta Devi
Vishnu Theertham outside Temple
Stone temple Ventilation

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