Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thenimalai Murugan Temple

Thenimalai is a Murugan Temple which can be reached through a 45 minute journey on Road near Pudukkotai town in TamilNadu. It is located in Google Maps in the following link,

I got to know about Thenimalai Murugan temple from Agasthiya Vijayam which is a monthly spiritual magazine. The following information is also from the same magazine. The Magazine also has an online webite in following location.

Thenimalai Murugan temple reverberates with Angaraka or Mangalan or Mars Energy. It is to be noted that Lord Muruga is the adipathi or Lord presiding over Angaraka or Mars energy which rules over Tuesday or Mangalvar/Managala varam. The Theertham here is formed over rocks and reverberates with Angaraka/Mars Energy.

It is to be noted that among the Navagrahas, Angaraka who rules over Tuesday is responsible for blessing people for getting a good job and good house. Girivalam or circulambulation around Thenimalai and visiting the Murugan temple on top of the hill will bless people for getting a good job.

Also Theni in Tamil means bees. Bees do a very god job of collecting the honey from various flowers and depositing them in Beehive known as Thenkooodu in Tamil. Honey is known for natural sweetness, medicinal properties and it is used in Pooja for Abhishekam.

Similarly those who go around the hill on Tuesdays in a week or Vasthu day (Vaastu days are 8 in Number in a year and can be identified from Panchangam) and worship Lord Muruga in Thenimalai will get a good job which is good for themselves and Humanity. In this world full of Corruption, Black Money and anti social activities carried out even in Corporates, it is difficult but necessary to get a Good job and not any job which pays well.

Let us pray that everyone in this world is blessed by Thenimalai Murugan and everyone gets a job which creates an impact in Society as sweet as honey.

Following are the Photos of the Thenimalai theertham/pond in Hill and Murugan deity.

Thenimalai Theertham

Valli Devayanai sametha Thenimalai Murugan