Thursday, 25 February 2016

Devabhoomi Himalayas

Himalayas is rightly called Devabhoomi in India as it is a spiritual treasure house with the place vibrating with wonderful energy. The Energy reverberates in Nature through the rivers, mountains, waterfalls, temples etc. It is believed that thousands of sages worship in invisible subtle form increasing the spiritual energy in the mountains.

Even today there are Sadhus who meditate without food, water and electricity in snow covered winter months near Badrinath. They live solely through their Yogic powers and staunch belief in God.

Following table highlights the Mangala Shakthi or Auspicious Spiritual Energy dormant in different forms in the Himalayan Region.

Particulars in Badrinath
Panchayathana Murthy
Badri Narayana

Saptha Badri
Badri Vishal
Adi Badri
Bhavishya Badri
Vridha Badri
Yogdhyan Badri
Dhyan Badri
Ardha Badri
Pancha Dhara
Prahladha Dhara
Koorma Dhara
Urvashi Dhara
Bhrigu Dhara
Indra Dhara

Pancha Theertham
Taptha Kund
Narada Kund
Surya Kundam
Prahlada Kundam
Rishi Ganga
Pancha Shila
Narada Shila
Garuda Shila
Narasimha Shila
Varaha Shila
Markandeya Shila