Friday, 1 April 2016

Radha Kalyanam !! based on the teachings of Sathguru Venkatarama Swamy has gifted this world the Wonderful picture of Radha Kalyanam, The celestial wedding of Radha Devi with Lord Krishna. The detailed explanation of the same is in their website link below,

Agasthiya Vijayam details that the Daily Darshan of this divine wedding will bless one  and one's society with prosperity, peace, tranquility, and bliss in married life. Agasthiya Vijayam further explains that there are more than 1008 complete auspicious energy sources in this painting!!!.

 Bhaktha Jayadeva and Geeta Govindam

Bhaktha Jayadeva was a 12th Century Devotee Poet who lived in present day Orissa Bengal region. Geeta Govindam is lyrical poetry in Sanskrit extolling the Divine Love between Radha and Krishna.  

'Sringara Rasam' is one of the nine rasas of Natya Shastra  wherein Sringara refers to Love/attraction/Beauty and Rasam means Flavour. Geeta Govindam  is known as 'Sringara Mahakavya' as it describes the various moods in relation to the Divine Love between Radha and Krishna.

Geetha Govindam is the blessed work of Poetry in which Lord Krishna himself composed a verse for Jayadeva when Jayadeva was confused regarding inclusion of a specific verse wherein Radha places her feet over Lord Krishna's head. explains that this verse written by Lord Krishna is Parama Paraalakshmi Divine Feet Mantra

 The English lyrics of the same is as follows:

"Smara garala khandanam, Mama Sirasi Mandanam 
Dehi Pada Pallavamudhaaram
 Jwalathi Mayi Dhaaruno Madana Khadanaanaruno,
Harathu Thadhupaahita Vikaaram"


"The beautiful flower blossoms of Your feet counteract the deadly poison of amorous love. They extinguish the terrifying fire of the pain of that love, which rages within My heart. Therefore, please be kind and allow Your feet to decorate My head"

 Bhatha Jayadeva visualised this verse in his mind and was confused whether he has to include this verse as it portrayed Radha placing her head over the Supreme Lord Krishna. He feared if it would become a mistake and left the house in order to take bath in Ganga river. 

Lord Krishna wanted to prove the sincerity and greatness of his Bhaktha Jayadeva and took the form of Jayadeva and entered his house. Jayadeva's wife Padavathy was surprised that her husband had come back so early. Krishna in Jayadeva's form asked Padmavathy to annoint his head with Oil. Padamavathy, the dutiful wife applied oil. Krishna in Jayadeva's form wrote the verse above and left the oil marks in the writing as proof of having visited the place. Then Krishna in Jayadeva's form left the house.

The real Jayadeva came back to the house. Padmavathy was surprised that her husband had again come back so soon. She asked him regarding the same. Jayadeva replied that he came only now and did not come before.  Jayadeva initially did not believe what she said, but when he saw the verse written with oil markings, he was overjoyed that Lord Krishna himself acknowledged the truth in his writings and came and completed the verse. Radha really did place her head over her Lord Krishna!! He also realised that her wife was blessed to have the privilege of having seen Lord Krishna and even given him an oil massage. explains that this mantra written by Lord Krishna himself rains spiritual blessings and leds us to Salvation. Agasthiay Vijayam also details the patrika or Wedding Invitation of Radha Kalyanam in Tamil as explains that this patrika has to be present in every house.

Radha Krishna Wedding Invitation

The Divine Rasa Leela Dance of Lord Krishna on the banks of Yamuna has been the inspiration behind this Dance video and is a treat to watch.....Enjoy Watching it!!