Monday, 11 April 2016

Tulsi Damodara Kalyanam/Vivah !!!

Viewing the Tulasi Kalyana Utsavam blesses one with happy married life, children and a peaceful family life!!

Tulsi Damodara Kalyanam/Vivah is the celestial wedding ceremony between Tulasi Devi and Damodara Murthy. Tulasi devi is the ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and the wedding ceremony of Tulasi and Damodara is celebrated on the Dwadasi thithi of Karthika month. It falls on the evening of Friday, November 11 2016.

Tulasi Damodara Kalyana Utsavam Aarty
Tulasi pooja

Rows of Lamps are lit around the Tulasi plant and Sprigs & Leaves of Amla/Nelli Tree are kept near the Tulasi plant as seen in the photo above. Holes are made in small Nelli/Amla fruits and filled with ghee & wick to be lit as lamps as seen by the poojari holding the Aarty plate above.

The Following Sloka is to be recited when we should perform Pradakshina around the Tulasi and Amla/Nelli Plant

"Yanmoole Sarva Theerthani, Yanmadhye Sarva Devataha
Yadagre Sarva Vedascha Tulasim Thwaam Namamyaham"

 Sloka Meaning: 
"All the Sacred Theerthas reside in the roots of the Tulasi Plant, All the deities reside in the middle of the plant and the Vedas reside at the Tip of the Plant. Salutations to you Tulasi Devi!!"

Tulasi pooja can be carried out every evening and blesses one with happy married life, children and solves every difficult problems in life!! Just like the sincere Devotion of Tulasi Plant which is considered priceless by Lord Krishna Himself.

In Dwaraka there is a story that in the Tula Bharam or Weighing Scale, Lord Krishna's weight could not be matched by the entire jewels and riches of his consort Sathyabama, but the single Tulasi leaf offered devotionally by Rukmini Devi weighed heavier than Lord Krishna Himself!!

Tula Bharam-Tulasi weighing heavier than Lord Krishna!!

Tulasi Devi-Gandaki River in Nepal

There is also a story about the Hair of Tulasi becoming the Gandaki River in Mukthinath temple situated in Nepal. Lord Vishnu himself became the Salagrama, unique black stones found only in the banks of the River Gandaki. Hence there is a custom of celebrating the Kalyana Utsava of Tulasi with Saligrama stones also.

Mukthinath Vishnu Temple

Gandaki River with Saligrama Stones through their Monthly spiritual magazine Agasthiya Vijayam details that near Tirumazhisai town located near Chennai Bangalore Highway, there is a village named Sithukadu which houses ancient Shiva and Vishnu temples.

The ancient name of this village was 'Tirumanam' as many wedding ceremomies of Maharishis and gods took place in this temple. The Sthala Vriksham of the Vishnu Temple is the Nelli/Amla Tree. Here wedding ceremony between the Nelli/Amla tree and Tulasi Plant is performed on Tiruvonam/Sravanam Star Days. This is said to bless people with happy married life, children and remove obstacles in marriage.

Also the darshan of Parrots/Kili on top of the Nelli/Amla Tree during evenings is said to bless couples to have a peaceful married life and resolve issues. Even Today one can see parrots flocking here in evenings.

Tulasi Plant with Nelli/Amla Tree in Sithukadu
 Parrorts on top of the Nelli/Amla tree
Sithukadu or Tirumanam Vishnu Temple