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Santana Gopala Pooja for Childbirth in Mogappair Temple, Chennai

Santana Gopala Krishna Pooja is performed for Santana Bhagyam or being blessed with having good Children. It is one of the Ashta Lakshmi Kataksham/Blessings. Santana Lakshmi is the one of the Eight Main Lakshmi Roopa. 

Santana Gopala Krishna is the child form of Krishna resting on a Banyan Leaf. Banyan Tree is known as Vata Vrishka in Sanskrit or Aala Maram in Tamil. Hence Santana Gopala is known as Vata patra sayi in Sanskrit and Aalilai Krishna in Tamil. It means the "Krishna resting on a Banyan leaf"

Santana Gopala Krishna

According to Puranas when the entire universe was destroyed and drowned in Pralaya Jala/water and even the stars and planets ceased to exist, Krishna Paramatma took the form of a child and rested on Banyan Leaf which floated in the Pralaya jala/water. The entire creation of this universe became one with Lord Krishna in a subtle form. Then Brahma Deva was asked to restart creation by Lord Krishna.

Purusooktam in Rig Veda is associated with the process of creation. It extolls the Purusha who is the main person behind the entire creation of this universe. 

Since Santana Gopala Krishna form and Purushasooktha Hymn is associated with the creation of this entire universe from God, there is no doubt that performing Santana Gopala pooja/Homam and Purushasooktha Homam Blesses Childless couples with good Children.

If Santana Gopala can create millions of species of Planets, Star, Sun, moon, species of animals, plants and birds, why can't he bless a couple to have a child??

The Bustling area of Mugappair near Anna Nagar is Chennai was originally known as "Maga-pperu" which means "Blessed with a child". The name is due to Santana Srinivasa Perumal whose vigraham/idol was found beneath the Temple Premises in Mugappair West in Chennai. 

Sri Arunachalam Mudaliar was informed about the existence of the Idol/Vigraham of Santana Srinivasa Perumal  by Lord Vishnu himself in his dream before 170 years. Sri Arunachalam Mudaliar started the construction of the Temple and today it is a spacious temple near the Heart of the City.

The temple is easily accesible from Tirumangalam in Chennai and the Google Map Location of the Temple is as follows:,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.119745492,d.dGo&q=mogappair+santhana+srinivasa+perumal+temple&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjD2a326JzMAhUBE5QKHfjJDn4Q_AUIBigB
Santana Gopala Pooja
Santana Gopala Pooja is performed in this Temple wherein couples are made to Cradle/Hold the Vigraham/Idol of Santana gopala in their Lap. The Vigraham/Idol is the metallic form of the Santana Gopala Krishna as seen in the picture above.

The Santana Gopala Pooja is performed on Pournami and on the days with the stars of Tiruvonam, Punarpoosam, Swathi, Rohini and Revathi between morning 6:00 amd to 12:00 Noon. The days for the year 2016 are as follows:

The Pooja articles include Tamboolam, Honey, Butter to be offered to Lord Krishna while Holding him in the Lap of the Couple performing the pooja. The Cost of Rs 100 for the Ticket and Rs 30 for the Pooja Articles. The following Sloka is to be recited by the couple performing the Santana Gopala Pooja 

The English Lyrics of the Sloka is as follows:

Devakisuta Govinda Vaasudeva Jagatpathe,
Dehime Tanayam Krishna Twaamaham Sharanam Gathaha,

Devadeva Jagannatha Gotra Vridhi Karaprabho,
Dehime Tanayam Sheegram Ayushmantam Yashashvinam.

The Meaning of the Sloka is as follows,

Govinda, the Son of Devaki  is Vaasudeva the Father of this world,
Give me with a child O Krishna! I surrender to you!!

O Lord of all Lords ! May my Gothra/Lineage multiply (through the offspring born),
Give me a Child early who would live long with fame.

The Honey and Butter are given to the Couple as Prasadam who should take the Prasadam regularly after the pooja on a daily basis. Also they should recite the sloka on a daily basis for 48 days for good results.

Santana Srinivasa Temple Gopuram/Main Entrance

 Dwajasthambam of the Temple

Santana Lakshmi Stuthi is found in Astalakshmi Stotram also. Reciting the same also will carry the blessings of Santana Lakshmi. The lyrics of the same is as follows:
The English Lyrics of the Santana Lakshmi Sthuthi is as follows:

Ahikagha Vahini Mohini Chakrini,
Ragavivardhini Gnanamaye,
Gunaganavaaridhi Lokahithaishini,
Swarasaptha Bhooshita Gaananuthe.

Sakala Suraasura Devamuneeshwara,
Manava Vanditha Padayuthe,
Jayajaya he Madhusoodhana Kamini,
Santanalakshmi Twam Palaya Maam.

Santana Lakshmi is always seen with a small child as seen below
 Andal in her Varanam Ayiram Pasuram Phalastruthi has said that those who recite the pasuram will be blessed with Good Children. Reciting the Pasuram will also bless one with good Children.

The Tamil Lyrics of Varanam Ayiram is found in the following link,

Andal Sannidhi in Santana Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Santana Gopala Homam

God can be worshipped in many forms as God is present everywhere.The Vigraham/Idol form of the Lord is for better focus and concentration of our mind which can aid Dhyana/Meditation and can give better results to our Prayers. 

But even the Vigraham/Idol form and the surroundings of the Temple is energized with positive vibrations with the daily recitation of Mantras related to the specific deity. The Mantra recitation is for the invocation of the dormant form of God present everywhere.

Similar to the Vigraham/Idol worship, the Homam/Havan is the worship of the specific form of any deity through Agni/Fire. It is said in the vedas that the Deity directly receives the Aahuthi/Offerring made to the Agni/Fire during the Homam/Havan. Agni is worshipped with Moola Mantra of the deity and is very powerful in giving faster results as Agni has the Nature to destroy impurities and create a purified and spiritually charged atmosphere.

Santana Gopala Homam involves the Purushasooktha recitation and  the recitation of the Santana Gopala Moola Mantra 108 times as given above in the Sloka. Also a kalasa is placed and worshipped with the Mantra of Lord Krishna. A Panchavarna Yantra is also drawn and worshipped for the blessings of Krishna.

Santana Gopala Homam
Panchavarna Yantram

The above Santana Gopala Homam was performed in Raghvendra Math in Chennai located in Raghavaiya Road in T. Nagar near G.N. Chetty Road, Rohini International Hotel. Also Purushasooktha Homam is also performed here separately.

The duration of the Santana Gopala Homam is 2-3 Hours and is performed by three people. The cost of the Performing the Homam is Rs 8,000 (including the procurement of articles seen above)  and is performed in the mornings from 8-9 am onwards. One can register for the same with minimum two days advance notice and perform the same as a couple.

Santana Gopala Krishna Temple in Krishnapura near Mysore, Karnataka

There is also a temple for Santana Gopala Krishna in Krishnapura located at a distance of 35 Km from Mysore. Krishna is also called Huchappa Gopala as the Lord performed the miracle of converting the Baby girl born to the Chola King into a Baby Boy who could succeed the throne of the Chola King. Hucchu means mad and the couple were mad with joy when Krishna answered their prayers and gave them a child.

Santana Gopala krishna in Garuda Vahana
There is a Santana Sudharshana Chakra near the feet of the Main Idol of Santana Krishna which blesses Childless couples with children

Santana Sudharshana Chakra

 A tiny silver cradle with small baby krishna is worshipped for 48 days and then later taken to Krishnapura Temple in order to perform pooja as mentioned by the temple priest. After performing pooja, the cradle is tied to the roof of the Temple.

The address and phone number details of the temple is as follows:

Sri Santanavenugopala Swamy temple,
Hemmaragala post,
Nanjangud Taluk,
Mysore District
Pincode: 571337

Phone number of temple priest/Poojari : 9880932698, 9611833798. 

There is also a Santana Gopala Krishna Temple in Sozhavandhaan near Maduari.

Santana Gopala Krishna in Sozhavandhaan near Madurai